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Jeff Melnyk Foursquare Marker

Jeff Melnyk

I believe that purpose is the key to growth and leadership in business, and have been helping brands find their WHY all over the world - from Hong Kong to San Francisco. As a trained coach I support clients to shape visions and reframe beliefs to reach their goals. I've helped start ups launch their big ideas, and large corporates find the courage to dream big. I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts for my contribution to supporting brands to enable them to create positive social change.

Laurie Bennett Foursquare Marker

Laurie Bennett

I coach leaders around the world to imagine, design and grow the organisation they want. I work with start-ups, NGOs and global brands who believe that creativity and success are fuelled by a strong purpose and led by people who love what they do and why they do it. My recent clients include British Land, MOO.com and UNESCO and I'm a board trustee of the Haller Foundation. 

Georgina Combes

Georgina Combes

My passion is helping people feel alive by being themselves. I work with leaders committed to change in social enterprises, non-profits, creative agencies and businesses. To help people find the energy within them I use movement and food in my coaching. My recent work includes Raleigh International, Delhaize Group, Danone Waters and Community Diner. I was the co-founder of AfriKids that won International Charity of the Year 2015.

Kim Hawke

Kim Hawke

I love being part of creating potent and energised teams. When people are clear about why they do what they do, the rest flows. And the process of getting there is key. Allowing time and space to share and interact, to remove barriers to change and build belief in their purpose. At heart I am a brand strategist, working closely with clients to help them connect with their purpose and use this to create meaningful and authentic products and experiences for employees and customers. I work with organisations who are open to, and take an active part in change. Clients include Woolworths, WWF UK, South African Breweries (SAB), The Zimbabwean Newspaper, Open Africa and The City of Cape Town anti-gang violence campaign.

Kate Clayton

Kate Clayton

Growth comes from within. Starting with myself, yourself, your tribe. I am energised by the meaningful change that comes from tapping into our authentic selves as leaders, to grow our businesses and brands. The magic lies in our ability to access all of who we are, so that our teams and organisations can be all of who they can be. I am a strategist and facilitator working with social businesses, non-profits and corporates such as Cadbury's, Open Africa, Marie Stopes, and Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Natalya Sverjensky

Natalya Sverjensky

I work with leaders who envision a better future – providing the strategic direction to unlock long-term growth for their organizations. I believe brands that lead with purpose will become the blueprint for business in the 21st century. My experience spans the public, private and third sectors. I’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and non-profits. I’m thrilled to be growing Within People’s San Francisco business.

Nicole Bradfield

Nicole Bradfield

I have been in teams, led teams, run businesses and looked after people. I have seen what is possible when there is a clear, well-articulated vision, an authentic purpose and a real sense of belonging. I understand the courage it takes to be vulnerable and I know the Within Way works. I'm bringing those learnings, an open heart and mind and a deep desire to help leaders be their most powerful selves and be able to bring out the best in those around them.

Sophie Dollar

Sophie Dollar

Having worked as a brand strategist both agency and client side, I’ve seen the impact that an authentic purpose and values can have on the growth of a business. I’m passionate about helping leaders find their purpose and building wholehearted cultures that enable every person to thrive. I’ve worked with global brands like Nike, Unilever and The Guardian, non-profits such as Fairtrade, Girl Effect and DFID, plus a number of start-ups, to create purpose-driven strategies that inspire both teams and consumers alike.

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