Every so often something or someone comes in to your life and the impact is so huge, the effect so resoundingly felt that you can’t really remember what life was like before. That’s how I feel about my work with Jeff.

I had just taken my first tentative step in to a leadership role as the Managing Director of Neo. I had 15 years experience of doing, I know I can do, I love doing – but leading, well that’s not about doing, that’s about being and that’s a different game altogether.

Jeff kindly offered to coach me, to help me look at the business objectively, decide what to tackle first and to understand my own development to become the leader I wanted to be. In our first session Jeff asked me how I wanted the coaching sessions to feel; I said challenging, they have been.

He’s asked tough questions; he’s helped me clarify our agency offer; he’s helped unite the team around our purpose; he’s provided us with practical tools for energy management; he’s taught me how to "chunk" and he’s helped me believe that I am enough.

It’s all been under the gaze of a gilted naked cherub in our favorite coffee house. And while it’s been some of the most difficult work I’ve ever done, it has been and continuous to be, joyous.

- Nicole Bradfield

Jeff used Within's 10 Apps for Managed Growth to help Nicole choose a series of priority projects to focus on. This included the articulation of a new purpose and values for Neo, establishing clarity on the agency's product line, and a new way to manage the sales process.

Alongside the priority projects, Jeff has coached Nicole on leadership development and coaching skills to support her new role and implement change management inside the business.

Neo are an amazing team of creatives working to find what matters most and make it matter more. Visit them at weareneo.com

Written by Within People on Sep 21, 2014