Meet Ben and Tom from Nice and Serious - a growing integrated digital agency specialising in telling stories around sustainability. We've worked with Nice and Serious for many years - in fact they designed our fantastic website.

Ben and Tom knew that five years in to their journey, they needed to make some changes to how they told their own story. They wanted to rebrand the agency to help position themselves better globally and ensure that potential clients understood the work they were passionate in creating.

We knew that some focus around their purpose and values would give them the foundation they needed to creating a new identity. Nice and Serious already have a great culture - they just had never taken the time to capture what it was that made them special.

Tom tells the story of their rebrand on their blog, and says:

Fortunately, we were able to rope in Within - a company that specialises in helping businesses find their purpose; their why. After a couple of gruelling workshops and a bit of cutting through the wool, Jeff helped us realise that Nice and Serious had been set up, quite simply, to make people care. This was a turning point. We now had some direction.

Our work formed the creative brief for Wieden+Kennedy to develop a new visual identity. They did an incredible job - a flexible brand system that reflects the purpose and values.

Nice and Serious continue to grow - we're proud to see them fly!

Written by Within People on May 01, 2014