Every client that we work with at Within is on a journey. They might be a start up who are developing their brand from a new idea. Or a business that has been around for several years but is struggling to grow. Or even a multinational corporation who has realised they need to realign with who they are and are committed to change.

You're probably on a journey of your own in your business. Whether you are a founder or a leader at any level, you know how important it is to be clear about why your business exists and where it is going. You know that the community of clients, customers or stakeholders you serve want a connection to the meaning of your brand, and are looking for an authentic relationship.

The first phase of any work with our own clients is to support them to establish this foundation, and we always start with a discovery around their purpose. We believe that this purpose is found within the people inside the organisation, and our process is designed to delve deep into why the business was started, and the problem it is trying to solve.

We also know that every business has a purpose - a reason to exist beyond simply making a profit. We've seen how the fastest growing brands in the world have used purpose to guide them. The result of this focus is higher profits or growth as they have defined it. We ask our clients to create a vision of success that is grounded in delivering on their purpose and values - not to hit financial goals. As the positive psychologist Robert Holden explains in his exceptional book Success Intelligence -

"Any successful CEO will confirm that you can’t finance a business just with money; you also have to finance it with a passionate vision, love of purpose, faith in people, a willingness to serve, and a desire to make a difference. Money alone cannot win success. Money is a reward for playing the game well; it is not the game"

How do you find your purpose? And how do you know that you have expressed it in the right way? We have developed a new guide to help our clients understand what they are looking for, and how to articulate their purpose powerfully. The ten principles inside the guide ask you to think creatively about purpose and provide a way of assessing your discovery. They also challenge you to remain authentic and to see purpose as a core foundation to your business - not a marketing exercise or development of a tagline.

We've included two case studies of Within clients. Although very different organisations, UNESCO and Independents United are both realising how their purpose will help them grow by inspiring change, give them focus, and build authentic relationships.

Your purpose is vital to building a strong brand and a growing business. We hope that this guide will provide some direction on your journey.

Within People - A Guide to Finding Purpose is available to download now from SlideShare.

Written by Jeff Melnyk on Aug 12, 2015