Simon Sinek famously claims:

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

Your “why” is your purpose. The clients that come to Within understand that having this North Star to guide them can unlock potential inside their teams and in the relationships that they build with customers.

We met Simon Drakeford a few years ago when we began working with 15gifts. As their non-exec director, and as the CEO of Euroffice, he has built successful B2B brands and understands how important culture is to growth. He invited us in to work with him on bringing clarity to the story of one of his businesses, Office Power - a B2B tech brand that supports independent stationery suppliers in the UK to run more effective businesses.

Most sectors today will be subject to increased competition. How to differentiate yourselves in crowded markets is a challenge for any brand. In B2B sectors, its important to have a revolutionary idea and exceptional customer service. But how do you help potential clients to see that you offer the best value and have their best interests at heart? How do you move beyond a sales pitch and form strong, loyal relationships? And in the technology space - how do you simplify your product to make it easy to understand, without dumbing it down?

The key foundation to answering these questions is through a deeper understanding of your purpose, values and the offer you bring to your client community - what we call the Purpose Framework. We took Simon and his team through our process, exploring why Simon established Office Power, what made them authentic in their space, and what their existing clients loved about what the team delivered.

What Simon valued most about the process was our ability to bring simplicity and clarity to a complicated proposition. Finding purpose can be the lightbulb moment for a team, taking them out of the weeds of what they are making, and reconnecting to why what they do is so important to others. Office Power, like many other tech brands, have a complex and innovative product. Clients, however, do not want to buy complexity. Ensuring that you can build relationships based on the value you create for others - and not confuse them with the detail of what you make - is critical to sales.

Once we have established that clarity, our work turns to building belief within the team to use their culture to make stronger connections. We coached the Office Power team to build their capacity in direct sales and in their marketing materials. Our approach allows sales and marketing teams to work together and learn how to build their own relationships, rather than have an agency do the heavy lifting for them. When we asked Simon to reflect on this, he said we “educate the team throughout the process, so that the work can be lived through the business - not stuffed in a filing cabinet”. Unlike other agencies who believe they are responsible for their clients creativity, Within works to unleash the potential inside a culture.

We ask each client we work with to imagine their own success through our process. For Office Power, we agreed to bring clarity to their brand in order to build more confident sales relationships. Having their Purpose Framework delivered the simplicity to their incredible product, and coaching the team to use a new story and sales techniques gave them the confidence to approach clients in new ways. 

Written by Jeff Melnyk on Oct 01, 2016