Why we started

Within People is a global partnership. We are all passionate about businesses driven by purpose and values, and the potential that organisations have for changing people's lives. Working in this space over the last decade we have learned that change needs support. So we formed Within People with a vision of a new blueprint for business - guided by our purpose of helping people find purpose and grow.

We wanted our own company to be an example of what the future of business can look like, and model the journey our clients will go on. In this way we live the change we bring to our clients. It was also important to us to stay true to why we started the business in the first place - so we set a context of FREEDOM and developed a vision of how our own lives would feel as we grew Within.

Where are we now

We have quickly grown and are working with a thriving community of clients all over the world. We are based in San Francisco, Cape Town and across the UK, and believe we represent a new type of change consultancy. Our work uses coaching to bring clarity, belief and confidence to grow purpose driven brands.

Each individual that works with Within is an expert in brand and business. We are all given the opportunity to be owners of the business - united by our purpose, values and a set of principles that guide the Within Way of working. We are looking for new partners to join us in each of our markets.

What we look for in a partner

There are a few key characteristics of partners:

- You understand how purposeful organisations and brands operate

- You are able to cut through the noise to find context

- You have your own community to tap into to develop relationships that would value our work

- You learn quickly and work to be exceptional at what you do and who you are

- You want to collaborate to build organisations and can deal with the uncertainty of creating something new

- You are energized by the freedom that comes from self-responsibility, and by the profit, impact and joy you can build by being part of a global partnership

What's been working for us:

Since we started we have built our business on a solid centre:

- Our vision including our context of FREEDOM, the lifestyle we want for ourselves, and the blueprint we are creating with our clients

- A shared purpose and set of values which we live every day through our behaviours and the work we do

- A set of partnership principles that we agreed together - that define how we work to get the best of ourselves and each other

- Our ethos of self responsibility & shared decision making which helps our flat structure operate in an open, wholehearted way

- The offer to every partner of the opportunity to invest and become an owner in the business

We now know how our product offer has impact in our clients’ business and their lives. The Within Way methodology gives every partner a consistent approach to what we do, while allowing flexibility to bring in their own talents. Our partnership is a safe space to try new approaches and develop the coaching skill that is at the heart of how we work. This learning environment is allowing us to take greater risks and create a dynamic business.

Where we are growing as a team

Working globally in the partnership has been a challenge, and we are exploring new ways of encouraging collaboration across the team. We’ve also recognised that getting new partners up to speed and working with their own clients is essential to their feeling of success.

Our vision is to build a thriving community of partners and clients around our solid centre and the adventure we are on together. A diverse mix of talent will help us to best support our clients on their journey of growth. If our partnership sounds like the type of culture you’d learn from, invest in and grow, then please get in touch with any of us to start the conversation.

Written by Jeff Melnyk on May 19, 2016