Our clients want to grow but often don’t understand where they are taking their company, or how they are getting there. Their business or non-profit feels busy, but stalled. This happens when leadership has been unable to connect a vision of growth to what teams do every day.

We help you to build a strategy and business plan around your vision of growth. Our visioning process asks you and your team to create a picture of what growth feels like - not just what you expect as outcomes, and outline the milestones towards and exciting future. We also ask you to understand growth beyond mere profit to shape a business that sees success as a journey. This gives you an understanding of the culture required for growth, as well as the goals you might want to set along the way.

From here we use our 10 Apps for Managed Growth to help you to see what you have in the business that is supporting growth, and where you will need to create change or build capability inside your team. We help you to priorities a series of projects that your team can implement with your leadership. This becomes a business plan to guide your growth.

Our experience as coaches makes sure that you have the support you need - especially when implementing change gets difficult. Our bespoke leadership development programmes builds the ability of you and your team to overcome barriers and make the change process fun.

See how we worked with clients and the impact our change process had on them:

Independents United - British Land - Mondelēz International

Written by Within People on Jan 16, 2017