Successful brands grow by building meaning through their purpose, and driving a culture based on strong core values. Our process has been designed to help leaders and their teams develop a core purpose that is authentic and can provide the focus required to grow the business in a managed way. No matter where your business is on the journey - from start up to multinational corporation in any sector - we know that finding purpose will help you grow.

Using a series of co-creative sessions, we look at the alignment of purpose, values and your product and service offer. This gives the foundation of the business today - and shows the stretch needed to take the business to the next stage of growth.

At the heart of the brand is the purpose. We help you to reflect on why the business exists, the impact it wants to make, and the problem it is solving. We then shape the purpose into a memorable statement. Our Guide to Finding Purpose gives support to articulating your purpose in the most powerful way.

Together we also explore the values. We think of these as your superpowers - a set of behaviours that shape the culture of your business. They are essential to demonstrating how you are unique in the market and must resonate with what your customers, clients or stakeholders value most about your brand.

And we help you to establish a clear, differentiating product and service offer - taking the complexity out of explaining what you do to make it easy for others to see the value you offer.

Our process uses coaching to ensure that your ideas shine. Our experience of putting the elements of your brand together means you get an authentic foundation to your brand and the clarity that supports growth.

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Written by Within People on Jan 16, 2017