Culture is the ‘way we do things in an organisation’ and can drive growth. Leaders understand this. The stumbling block for most leaders is how to use culture to grow their organisation.

21st century business has evolved from believing “people are an asset” to understanding that it is how people work together that creates value. We wanted to find out what might be stopping leaders from seeing the importance of culture. And uncover common stories across the world where leaders have found ways to grow a culture - that grows a business.

We started a conversation with our clients and the wider global business community to uncover how leaders use clarity, belief and confidence to build their business. 

These three areas are essential to our practice:

Clarity on your purpose, values and who you are as a distinct culture

Belief in how to live your values and create the business you want

Confidence to use culture to grow while tackling any perceived barriers to growth

As coaches we believe we have a role to play to listen deeply to leaders and support their journey, and so our findings uncover what we see as both the opportunity and the barriers to working with organisational culture. We compiled what we heard into an insight report on how we see 21st century businesses being built.

Within People - How Culture Helps You Grow is available to download now from SlideShare.

Written by Jeff Melnyk on May 28, 2017