Brands use storytelling to help build stronger relationships to their customers, users or supporters. We see stories as essential not only to communicate what you stand for, but to build belief and create a sense of identity. This helps you to grow by deepening relationships inside and outside the business.

We call this phase of our work "story making". It involves your people at all levels, not just your brand or marketing teams.

Our clients look for our story support to help shape and embed. First we help you to create a central narrative around your purpose, putting your customers or supporters at the heart of your story. Here we also identify your personality and voice to make sure your story is told in an authentic way. This gives you everything you need to guide your brand communications, while building capability within your team to make your story powerful.

We can also provide creative and strategic direction to support the implementation of your new story across your brand - including your visual identity. Working with our design partners or your in-house team we can play the role of brand guardian to ensure consistency and maximise your investment in your new story.

Importantly our work also includes helping you create a programme of embedding your purpose and values internally to continuously build belief in your organisation as it grows. We work with brands of all sizes - including working across multiple sites around the world - to ensure your values have meaning within your team. This process helps to unite your people and create a shared voice. It allows the responsibility for making your story to be shared across your entire team, amplifying the power of your story.

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Written by Within People on Jan 16, 2017